Cactus Sneakers Have My <3

I have been buying sneakers and slip ons like it's going out of style lately. This athliesure craze is my jam y'all. If you're a western soul and you think I'm losing ma damn mind with this sneaker fad, I promise there are cute options out there for you. The "western way" to rock the athliesure look is to grab your favorite southwestern cardi, I prefer an oversized/duster type, a white tee, yoga pants (or skinny jeans), turquoise studs and/or a dainty necklace, sunglasses, a braid and finish with your favorite slip ons/sneakers! I have a nude pair of snakeskin slide on sneaks and I wear this look at least twice a week. Maybe people don't appreciate my Kylie Jenner errand running outfit around here in my town with one blinking light, but it feels glam just the same. Ha!

So when I saw these Sanchita Sneakers, the drooling ensued. However, they are a bit pricey for my flavor, (of course we gotta keep an eye out for these to go on sale) so I also included some of my other favorites for you! 

Cactus Shoes

Sanchita Sneakers

womens leather sneaker

Dolce Vita Zola Sneakers


Reba Sneakers (More Color Options) - Use code: ALLIE10 for 10% off


Free People Leather Slide On Sneakers

Free People Off Duty Sneaker



serape suede sneaker

Mipacha Cavillaca Sneakers (More Color Options Available)

shoes sneakers style western fashion western shoes western style

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